Full Version: Buying Hoplite Armor in Athens?
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A quick question before my internet session ends... is there any re-enactment store in Athens where I may try out linothorakes and order one once I have returned to Sweden?

No non whats so ever.
Except the usual importers goods we make our own,

Kind regards
That is what got me into re-enacting---in a round abouts sort of way..... :lol:
Stefanos: ok, thanks for your help. For some reason I had imagined there was such a store in Athens.

That doesn't matter, really. I still had a great time in Athens visiting the Acropolis, Agora, Areopag, War Museum, Temple of Zeus, Kerameikos, and the Archaeologiocal Museum of course. Pictures will be posted soon!
I'm going to Greece soon for my honeymoon; I look forward to seeing your pictures!