Full Version: Ancient Warfare Museum - Cork
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Salvete Omnes!

Just to let you all know, we will be changing the displays at the Ancient Warfare Museum this week-end putting in Helmets and armour. Dont forget, it's part of The Cork City Museum, Fitzgeralds Park, Cork. It's been going for over 2 and a half weeks now and over 2000 people have signed the guest book.

If anybodies interested in having an exhibition of their own or, you want us to advertise your group at the museum, then just drop me a PM or a mal on [email protected]

As I said before this has taken off much quicker than originally planned and we have yet to plan what exhibitions we will have over the next year.
Congratulations to you and your lads Martin, well done Big Grin D D
Glad to see this is going so well for you.


Thanks Gary

But I'll tell you, it's bloody hard work! By the way, still looking at your pics and videos from Romes Birthday, fantastic stuff.

I tell you though, I don't know who took some of the pictures or what camera was used, but they look brilliant, fantastic resolution and such rich color, well done :wink: