Full Version: Ancient Warfare Museum opens it\'s doors to the public!
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Salvete Omnes!

The ancient warfare museum opened it's door's for the first time yesterday at its new home in the Cork city museum in Fitzgerald park. It was a bit hectic to be honest as this was not supposed to happen until the middle of June!

Any road, we we're asked if we could open the exhibit to co-incide with our re-enactment event at the museum yesterday, this was an opportunity we could not pass up.

Basically, we have been given the use of a display room at the museum. We have set up a small display for now (6 display cases). The current display runs for a week. Right now we're not sure if the display will continue uninterrupted until next month when we staff it again for a week-end but, if it does we'll rotate the equipment on display at the end of next week. The next display will called 'Marius' Mules'.

There we're over 200 people through the exhibit yesterday, more than on any previous day in the museum, and similar numbers today even though the museum was only opened for 2 hours. I can tell you though, there's a shed load of work involved, we still got Greek equipment to finish and get on display.