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hello, i am new to your forum. i am physician in our country and during my spare time i usually build scale models. lately i have been giving some thought on doing scale figures, particularly on legionaries.

i have seen illustrations/ pictures over the net and i noticed legionaries don't always seem to have red over their armor/ shields. does this mean some legions/ units have color coding? if so, is there a list that cite which colors were worn by which unit?

thank you in advance
Hello exequiel,

Welcome to the forum.

Before you continue to post here please read the official rules. You will have to add your real name to your signature. And I think animation in your avatar is not allowed (although I like it).

To answer your question : the topic of tunic colors is extremely controversial among Roman reenactors and has been discussed at length many times in the past. There's all kinds of evidence and counter-evidence that many colors may have been worn by the soldiers. You can find old threads about this topic by using the 'search' feature on top of any page on RAT.

Good luck.

oh am sorry with regards to the avatar/ signarture thing. thank you for the replies. much appreciated