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Hi people!

I have read that there is a headstone where is represented a signifer wearing a masked helmet, someone can give me that picture?

Thank you very much :wink:

Valete bene!
Did you check the imagebase on
I don't know how find it because I don't have any information about the headstone.
Just browse all the standartbearers... That's how we need to search for these thing too.
It has been thought that the grave stelea of the signifer Flavinvs of the Ala Petriana shows this, however with all the visits I have made to Hexam Abbey I do not feel convinced of this.

Ross Cowan

Quote:I don't know how find it because I don't have any information about the headstone.

You're probably looking for Quintus Luccius Faustus of XIV Gemina (in the Imagebase). I used to think his helmet had a mask, but now I'm not so sure...

Quintus Luccius Faustus grave stele could be interpreted as either a face mask or the face of the animal pelt couldn't it?

I tend to think of it as a face mask as you can see the browguard or 'peak ' of the helmet above it.

It is of the same form as the Newstead and Ribchester masked helmet types. i.e. a large triangular peak. ... Itemid,94/

The same helmet form can be seen on the stele of Genialis. Imagnifer of Coh VII Raetorvm.. ... Itemid,94/ [/quote]
I think I would agree with Adrian the Favstvs helmet does show what could be ears of a Lion indicating a pelt, then agian when we look at the helmet of Genialis it shows the Newstead appearance however are those animal paws that come down around it.
Thank you very much for the information :wink:
Sorry, but in Genialis' grave stele where is the masked helmet?
I only see a pelt in a helmet, but the mask?

That is my point! I suggested that the Faustus depiction has to be a mask and not the face of an animal pelt.

Genialis has the same helmet form (it would seem) so if the browguard is visible, the face of the pelt would not come over that and be seen at the front. It must be a face mask depicted on the Faustus stone.
I understand now, thank you Peroni :wink:
I realy don't know Adrian could it be that the sculptor is useing a bit of artistic licence, In order to point out that Favstvs was indeed a signifer who would wear a Lion pelt. I have to say this from the point of view of the shape of the ears, and of course the eyes look complete with a very long mouth curveing around that face.
If that is indeed the case Brian, (and the ears do appear to be all in one with the face) Why did the sculptor take the time and make the effort to depict the triangular shape of the helmet's browguard? If it was a full pelt then the browguard would be covered by it. A right royal cock up by the sculptor in that case!

Just how I see it. If the triangular shape IS the browguard (which is clearly the case with Genilais' stone) then it has been shown incorrectly, but if it s something else such as a decorative band over the pelt then we see something unique here!

A Tiara for the lion perhaps?!

Is it a method of fastening the pelt to the helmet???
I have thought also that the face can be a protective numen, or his genius.
It's a little difficult think that it's a mask...

My opinion.