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I am interested if there is any good books about roman shields and about shields of celtic, germanic, dacian and other tribes. I am currently writing an article about Shields of baltic tribes of 1-7 century AD and need some info about shields in other countries in that period
First, Christian Koepfer is writing a series about (roman) shield development in ancient warfare. 2 parts have already been published.

He mention the following further reading:
  • M. Eichberg, Scutum. Die Entwicklung einer italisch-etruskischen Schildform von den Anfängen bis zur Zeit Caesars. Frankfurt/M., Bern, New York, Paris 1987.
    W. Kimmig, 'Ein Keltenschild aus Aegypten', in germania 24, 1940. 106-11
You should also take a look at the Notitia Dignitatum
These sources might be of use:

Ilkjaer, Jorgen
2002 Illerup Adal: Die Schilde: Vol. 9 & 10 (Jutland Archaeological Society Publications, 25)

Dickinson, Tania M. & Heinrich Harke
1992 Early Anglo-Saxon Shields (Archaeologia)

Stephenson, I.P.
2002 The Anglo-Saxon Shield (The History Press Ltd)
(Although it includes not much more information than the book by Dickinson and Harke and can almost be considered as an easy to read version)

Arwidsson, Greta
1942 Valsgärde 6 (Almquist & Wiksells Boktryckeri)
1954 Valsgärde 8 (Almquist & Wiksells Boktryckeri)
1977 Valsgärde 7 (Almquist & Wiksells Boktryckeri)
(These three books contain nice sections dedicated to shields)

Bruce-Mitford, Rupert
1982 The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, 2: Arms, Armour and Regalia (British Museum Press)
(Contains some 100 pages on the shield that was found)

Good luck with your article.


may be this article can be useful:

Stary, P.F., 1981. Ursprung und Ausbreitung der eisenzeitlichen Ovalschilde mit spindelförmigem Schildbuckel. Germania, 59, p.287-306.

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Some small use may be the many photos and a few links on the Roman Shield yahoo group
You will definitely want to see Rosenberg's writing on the Hjortspring find. He details the 80 shields found in Denmark (on the Baltic!):

Rosenberg, Gustav; Knud Jessen, Fr. Johannessen, Hjortspringfundet, Volume 3, Issue 1, With English Summary, København, 1937

I have a page on my website which summarizing the major finds of Iron Age celtic and german shields: