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Salve all,

Anyone know (nudge nudge to John Maddox Roberts out there) when the next book in JMR's Hannibal's Children series is coming out? Been waiting a while and had heard that it'd gone to the publishers, but still no sign on the bookshelves.

Caius the Farmer
Sorry, but after two books, Ace/Berkley seems uninterested in the third, THE WALLS OF CARTHAGE. Seems the sales figures on the first two weren't impressive enough. Maybe someday I'll sell it to a different publisher, but as I found out with my SPQR series, it is very difficult to get a publisher to pick up a series another publisher has dropped. That time it took around five years.
I have a question about "Hannibal's Children." Is the Spartan Agamedes, referred to in the service of Hannibal, real or ficticious, perhaps based on Sosylus? If real could you give me a reference?
I hope the third book is picked up by a publisher soon... Such an enjoyable series to die so young!
Hi John,
Just finished the Seven Hills - a great story. Any news on the third book ' The Walls of Carthage'? I do hope taht you have been able to find a published - I can't wait to find out what happens next! Thanks in anticipation!
Why not just publish it directly on Amazon, via Kindle store? They give you a better deal than most publishers.
That would certainly be an ideo. What do you think John?
I'm also hoping that you might publish the third book on Kindle. I see that the first two are now available as ebooks, so is there any chance that The Walls of Carthage might follow?
I hope you guys e-publish; I love your books
spqr95: who are you referring to?
John Maddox Roberts' books are available as ebooks.
So are mine.

I can see. I am referring to future books
@spqr95: I am sure that all my future books will be available as ebooks.