Full Version: Roman scorpion blueprints?
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My father is interested in constructing a Roman scorpion. Are there any blueprints available anywhere for building this machine?

I was unable to find any books or websites with specific information. He would like blueprints with dimensions, etc. All I have seen are simple pictures of the devices.

Thanks for any help!
This has been discussed some time before.

I don't think you'll find those. As many others had made them theirself and don't want to share them for legal reasons. I think you've to do with artisit impresions, reconstruction drawings and archeological reports, which are avaliable.
Check the Roman Artillery Yahoo group. There are many photos \\some of weapons under construction and some drawings with some measurments.
You must join the group but it is easy to do so.
Also, another good place to start is mangonel dot com. There are good reference books there, and some small model kits you can build yourself, or buy ready made parts. There are different kinds of catapults considered on the site.

Just a thought.
You could also get volume 11 of JRMES and have a read about Alan Wilkins and Len Morgan's reconstructed Vitruvian scorpio:

Alan Wilkins' inexpensive but surprisingly comprehensive book: ... 842&sr=1-3

Duncan Campbell's Osprey book: ... 842&sr=1-2

And of course, there is Eric Marsden, here: ... 842&sr=1-7

and here: ... 842&sr=1-4

I hope this helps.