Full Version: Titus Flavius tombstone pic?
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Don't now if this is the right forum for this question but!!!
Could someone post a picture of the above tombstone for me.
I had heard that it has many similarities with one of the plates on the Sutton Hoo helm and I would like to compare them.
Thanks in advance
Jon R.
Did you know the imagebase on the main site?
Hi Jon,
Is there no cognomen? Titus Flavius isn't overly descriptive. :wink:
Hi Jasper,
It would be Titus Flavius Bassus. Guess I didn't read the whole piece.
Seems he was Roman Cavalry trooper.Much more than that I don't really know. I believe the tombstone is in a German museum, if that is in anyway useful.
Jon R
It's in the Image Database. I did a search for Bassus and a tombstone was the third thing on the list.

here's the link:Titus Flavius Bassus on
Thanks for the links and info guys, It was a great help .
Jon R.