Full Version: New Roman Helmet
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Please look at picture of the helmet that appears in this site. ... rce/4.html
It seems to be a Roman helmet. However I don't ever saw before. However it resembles incredibly to the helmets that appears in the Traian's Column and the Portonaccio Sarcophagus.

That thought of it?

It apparently is a forgery. It has been discussed here on this foorum already, I cannot find the thread, though.
Oh Confusedhock:
A forgery?
But it is in a museum...How is it possible?
The helmet bowl is clearly made from two pieces, you can see the seam.
Quote:Oh Confusedhock:
A forgery?
But it is in a museum...How is it possible?
The similar helmet in the Toledo Museum in Ohio, USA, was published in the 1960's, and it wasn't until a few years ago that it was confirmed as a fake through scientific analysis. Robinson said in his book that he suspected it was a fake, in the 1970's. Most likely it was a Victorian fake, copying the designs of helmets on Trajan's Colum, etc. In other words, it resided in a museum on display for decades before anyone actually took a proper look at the thing.

I, for one, will never believe the helmet you posted is genuine until it has had a full scientific analysis.

And to prove my sincerity on the subject :wink: ... 167#128167
Yes, I have Tarbicus to thank for introducing me to the existance of the Toledo helmet! :lol: