Full Version: \'Unidentified Cavalry Sculpture\'
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I have been asked by a colleague to post this on the forum.. ... 27a1_o.jpg

"Dear RATers,

I found the attached image whilst browsing the web, whilst I'm sure you'll all appreciate the excellent picture of a chicken, I am more concerned with the object it is standing on!

The frieze is most interesting, I have certainly not seen it before.

My questions are as follows:

i) What is the likely provenance?
(It doesnt look like your average grave stelae, maybe some kind of triumphal monument??)

ii) What is the likely date?
(maybe the doubling on the scale and the haircut are clues??)

iii) What is the subject?
(ie generic military, mythological,

iv) what detail can we discern about the military equipment itself?
(ie the scale shirt, single belt, pteryges, tunic, [is there a sword??])

I believe the photo was taken by a tourist/poultry enthusiast in the vicinity of Rome quite recently, possibly near the Villa Borgese, I have lost the link but will try and find it next week...


I posted that a while back (ignore the squabbling).
Thought I had seen it before...
Any more details on this monument? There's not too much info in the other thread about a date and such.

Something I found interesting:

Ludovisi 3rd century

here the armour of the emperor and his guard is strongly hellenized and looks like squamta in shape of a "d*mnIcan'trememberthewordrightnow-youknowthosemomentswhenyouknowwhatitbutjustcan'tsayit" but you know what I mean.

Also notice the decorations on the horses, the same lions heads.
Squamata seems to have been really common amongst officers, even described as officer armour in one primary source at least.
When I was in Rome, during the summer of '06, there were column pieces and other bits on pallets just like that outside of St. Paul's Basilica. It's a part not normally seen as part of the tour, but I had to take care of nature's calling.

I don't recall vegetation around the pallets, but I was kind of focussed on something else at the time. It's quite possible this could be a different site, though.
How come those pieces are lying around like that?
Just average arm yard rubble Magnus.

You should have seen the villa in Rome tha twas for sale, a vertiable treasure trove, of rubble!
Hi guys.
There is a gypsum copy of this nice piece in one of the restaurants right next to Ottavia's Portico in Rome!

We are out there in April,
I'll have a look for it!
Yeah that is my looking at everything else I can.... Big Grin
plenty of batteries for camera, memory cards, remember how to use camera, camera.......
That's "rubble"? Geeez...I'll have some if they don't want it!
Quote:That's "rubble"? Geeez...I'll have some if they don't want it!
Indeed. It goes back to that old saying my grandpa used to tell me: One man's trash is another's treasure.
A lot of things that many of us here would call treasures, have already been destroyed centuries ago to make newer buildings look pretty.