Full Version: Open Invitation to the Mons Aventinus Project
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Salvete omnes,

I would like to extend this invitation to all members of Roman Army Talk and their organizations to visit and become a member of the Mons Aventinus Project.

MA is a virtual reconstruction site of ancient Rome, where members can open a domus or shop site on one of our streets, network with others interested in ancient Rome and the Med, and chat with others. It also serves as a resource site on the different geographic features of the city.

It is FREE to join and is a self-editing wiki site. Open a recruiting office for your legio, open a shop to sell your wares, build a virtual temple, link your blog/myspace/facebook page, or post a site of interest that others could learn more about some aspect of the ancient world. Link your site to ours today!

It is a new community, designed to bring all Romans together online and to collect/share all of our websites, both private and public, with others of similar interest.

I hope you will visit us and join our community soon! You can find us online at:

Valete optime,
L. Vitellius Triarius
Praefectus Dominus (Site Administrator)
Mons Aventinus Project
Looks like an interesting project, Chip...
could I ask you to include your real name in your signature, as per forum rules? I'm also moving this to the Ancient Civ forum since Re-enactment & Reconstruction is generally for more military pursuits.
Sure thing!

Lucius Vitellius Triarius
aka Chip Hatcher
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA