Full Version: Any book ideas for the Seleucid Empire?
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I have been looking for quite some time and there is very little out there. Most books you find focus on coins found.

Worse the only books listed on Amazon are way out there price wise. I have had an easier time finding books on the Graeco-Bactrian State which I am awaitng as birthday presents.

Can anyone recomment anything?
Here a few of the Seleukid titles on my bookshelf:

From Samarkhand to Sardis: A New Approach to the Seleucid Empire, by Susan Sherwin-White and Amélie Kuhrt

The House of Seleucus, by Edwyn Robert Bevan

Seleukos Nikator: Constructing a Hellenistic Kingdom, by John Grainger

The Seleucid Army: Organisation and Tactics in the Great Campaigns, by Bezalel Bar Kochva

You might also want to check out where some of these higher-priced volumes are typically more affordable than at Amazon.
Antigonos the One-Eyed, and the creation of the Hellenistic State, by Richard A. Billows (1990)

From Samarkhand to Sardis is indeed THE book to read. The Cambridge Economic History of the Greco-Roman World (2007) contains a good chapter on the economy. Of some interest: the newly discovered Babylonian Chronicles of the Hellenistic Period. Especially interesting is BCHP 11, which contains new information about Ptolemy III in the Seleucid Empire. He actually captured Babylon, something we did not know before.