Full Version: is this book good or not?
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Rome's greatest defeat by Adrian Murdock isbn 0-7509-4015-8

I found this book on the internet but I'm not sure if it's interesting or correct. On the internet I found a german site which claims that the Battle of Teuroburger wasn't near 'kalkriese' but some miles further east.
Because I don't want to read a book that's based on a wrong location, I thought to put the question to you.
Is this book correct enough a totally wrong?
Yes, it is a good book. My review is here. It is a lot better than, for instance, Peter Wells, The Battle That Stopped Rome (2003).
I actually like both books, Wells because it was my first introductio to the subject! Smile Although I would disagree with your interpretation of Varus' 'misinterpretation of the intelligence he was given. He just blindly ignored information that was put in his lap from the sounds of things.....but then what do i know!

Have you also done a review of Wells book? I would find it interesting to compare the inaccuracies of both books.
Thank you very much
I'll order it on the spot !!