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Can anyone recommend an English language guide to Roman sites in Germany? I have 'Roman Germany: A Guide to Sites and Museums' by J. von Elbe but could do with something a little more up to date!
.........for a "quick'n dirty survey" , maybe try under „foreign rights“

You may also gain some "enlightenment" out of : ... highlight=
(see my post from 24.Dec.2007;14:01 )

or: ... highlight=
(As always: Interesting Thread as such :wink: ;see also my post from 02.Aug.2007;17:25)

To judge from my (german) copy of J. von Elbe's book I'd say that if there is no updated Edition (mine says: Englisch version released in 1975; German version in 1984) the expression "outdated" would not be overly unjust if used in conjunction with this book.

What makes me wonder a bit that on the website of Verlag Phillip Von Zabern (where von Elbe's book seems to have been released first) I couldn't find no mentioning of books in foreign languages as opposed to the Theiss Verlag website. Maybe I didn't look "strenuous" enough.

Hope you can use this posting to your advantage, though.

Siggi K.