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I’m glad to announce that three full volumes of Gladius, the scholarly journal dedicated to the study of Ancient and Medieval Arms and Armour are now available online in pdf format . More will follow in –I hope- quick succession.
Gladius includes contents in Spanish, English and French. I’m sure there is some food for everyone here. I hope you enjoy it. Some articles include the earliest Roman pila found in Spain (and among the earliest anywhere), Coolus helmets from Toulouse, a good synthesis by Rapin on Gallic weaponry, Iron Age spurs, bits and bridles, Achaemenid Persian cavalry, and much more in the next volumes to be put online.
Gladius is fully illustrated, so even papers in Spanish on Iron Age-Roman conquest period can be useful for those unable to read Spanish... summaries in English are available for all articles also.

The URL is:
and then click on 'archive'

You can also use an english version of the page (check right) AND register (to receive updates, including the addition of new issues of Gladius)

Las armas-trofeo en la cultura ibérica: pautas de identificación e interpretación 13-32
M. Carme Rovira Hortalá

L'armement celtique en Europe: chronologie de son evolution technologique du Ve au Ier. s. av. J.-C 33-68
André Rapin

Nuevos puñales ibéricos en Andalucía (1) puñales de frontón 69-96
Fernando Quesada Sanz

Un lote de armamento ibérico procedente de la necrópolis del Mas de Barberán (Nogueruelas, Teruel) 97-120
Isabel Izquierdo Peraile

Los pila del poblado ibérico de Castellruf 121-142
Ramón Ã
I am glad to inform you that all scholarly papers on weapons and warfare in volumes XVII (1986) and XVIII (1988) of Gladius have been added to the CSIC electronic library as free downloadable pdf files.
We'll continue to upload old issues until all volumes are available. (click on the appropiate icon for English version)

Me alegra informar que todos los artículos sobre armas y guerra antigua y medieval en los volúmenes XVII (1986) y XVIII (1988) de Gladius están ya disponibles en la Biblioteca electrónica del CSIC como ficheros pdf descargables gratuitos.
Seguiremos añadiendo volúmenes hasta completar la colección.

Thank you for this!

Laudes and greetings,

Hola como le va Fernando,

Que bien esto...definitely worth collecting.

Thanks for sharing. Smile
Muy bueno! That is my current limit of Spanish. Nevertheless, laudes for you!
Don't despair! About 25% of all Gladius papers are in English or -sometimes- French!
So, you all should find something of interest in the different volumes. There are about 3000 thousand pages available, so at least 700 should be in English! Big Grin

Thank youi anyway! Big Grin
Quote:I am glad to inform you that all scholarly papers on weapons and warfare in volumes XVII (1986) and XVIII (1988) of Gladius have been added to the CSIC electronic library as free downloadable pdf files.

Thanks! But, to be honest, the resolution could be better. I downloaded "Las armas en la historia de la Reconquista" (1986), and it is just so readable. Frankly, I do not believe that people can read 30 pages of this quality without getting headaches. Not many will do that. Compare with JSTOR, which do a good digitizing job. Just a suggestion. Kind regards
Tanks for the hint. Does it apply to the other 11 volumes? Difference is, volumes from 1999 onwards are not scanned, but straight from camera-ready copies.
Older volumes have been professionally scanned, and proofs seemed OK.

In fact, I've just printed part of volume 17 (1986) that you mention at 100% size (not enlarging to cover all page) and it reads perfectly OK, although it is evident it has been scanned from a paper volume.

Resolution is OK (balance between file size and quality), problems arise from the quailty of the printed copy, which is not perfect on older volumes. But the result is perfectly readable both on screen or printed with a normal quailty laser printer at 100%. And the last 10 volumes (over 3000 pages arejust perfect, I trust?

BTW, the title is 'Las armas de los Conquistadores. Las armas de los Aztecas' Or are you referring to another article not in 1986 volume?

Comparison with JSTOR is at least biased. Some old scans from JSTOR are in much, much worse state.

And frankly, even as I accept suggestions and criticism, the tone of your messsage borders the despective. A pity.
Another importatn diference, is that GLADIUS is free, and so available at all the people, and not only for an elite minority.
Yes, that's and added bonus Big Grin

But of course, free download should not justify piss poor scan quality of the project as implied by our forum colleague. Which I believe it is not. And it stands comparison with JSTOR scans perfectly well... try and read some scans from older copies ofGRBS ...

What bothers me is that a completely professional effort can be downgraded in such a cavalier manner, under a thin crust of politeness...

Nothing is said about the excellent pdf quality of over 3000 pages, nothing on the free-download, nothing at all about the scholarly quailty of the papers, many of them written by eminent scholars... just one of the papers can hardly be read (which is not true, if the wrong cite given refers to the 1986 paper), and JSTOR does better (not true)
Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock: [/i]
Just for the record, I have just registered with your site, and look forward to perusing it at my leisure.
Thanks for the free source of information, that the inaccessable JSTOR does not afford the likes of laymen like me, it is much appreciated. Big Grin
New issue: Gladius XV (1980) ... ue/view/13

Table of contents:
Inscriptions Arabes et Persanes sur les Armes Musulmanes de la Tour de
Londres (19-78)
Ludvik Kalus

Influence of Polish Arms, Armour and Militaria on Western Europe (79-86)
Z. S. Lenkiewicz

The Monreale Capitals and the Military Equipment of Later Norman Sicily
David Nicolle

The Manufacture of Mail in Medieval Europe: A technical note (105-134)
Alan R. Williams
Vol XIII (1977)
Sumario ... ue/view/15

Les Armées Françaises lors de la Guerre de Cent Ans (5-23)
José Federico Finó

Aspects Morphologique et Technique des Boucliers Musulmans (25-61)
Ludvik Kalus

Arcabuz de rueda alemán del siglo XVII en el Museo Arqueológico de Madrid
María Rosario Marco Rodríguez

Methods of Manufacture of Swords in Medieval Europe: Illustrated by the
Metallography of some Examples (75-101)
Alan R. Williams
Vol XIV (1978)
Sumario ... ue/view/14

José Federico Finó (1907-1977) (5-8)
Ada Bruhn de Hoffmeyer

La evolución de la espada en la sociedad catalana de los siglos XI al XIII
Maria Victoria Cirlot

Inscriptions sur les boucliers circulaires de l'Orient musulman (59-87)
Ludvik Kalus

Arcabuz turco y retaco japonés en el Museo Arqueológico Nacional (89-96)
María Rosario Marco Rodríguez

Siete espadas del Renacimiento desde un punto de vista analítico. (97-127)
A. R. Williams

Bibliografía (129-143)
María Rosario Marco Rodríguez, José Federico Finó, Ada Bruhn de
Hoffmeyer, Z. S. Ipohorski-Lenkiewicz
Vol XII (1974)
Sumario ... ue/view/16

E. Fernando Hoffmeyer (1901-1975) (7-12)
Equipo Editorial

L'Artillerie en France a la Fin du Moyen Âge (13-31)
J. F. Finó

The Sword Found at Osieczna in Great Poland (33-42)
Marian Głosek, Leszek Kajzer

Le Château de Saint-Cobain el les Châteaux de Plan Concentrique en Europe
Occidentale (43-58)
Pierre Héliot

Boucliers Circulaires de l'Orient Musulman (Évolution et utilisation)
Ludvik Kalus

Bibliografía (135-144)
Ada Bruhn de Hoffmeyer, J. F. Finó
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