Full Version: Cohort Designation
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I've read in a few places that the cohorts within a legion were rated on a sort of order of merit. The first, of course, was the best, but of the others the sixth cohort consisted of 'the finest of the young men', the eighth were 'selected troops', and the tenth 'good troops'. Three of the remainder were classed as below average - all the references to this system use the same phrases, so I'm assuming they're quoting from something.<br>
Can anyone tell me the source for this? I'm sure it's something embarrassingly obvious like Vegetius or Polybius, but I can't track it down! <p></p><i></i>


It is Vegetius. the section where he describes the legion.<br>
Jeff <p></p><i></i>
Aha! I suspected as much. Thanks Jeff! <p></p><i></i>
This could certainly affect a person's pride in their unit. Wonder if there was much opportunity for movement in terms of a cohort moving up to a more prestigious position after particularly distinguishing themselves in battle.