Full Version: Paintings from Pompeii - pictures
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"A unique exhibition of 2,000-year-old paintings called Pompeian Red has opened at the National Museum of Rome.
More than 100 paintings - including Nightingale (on the left) - shed light on the beliefs, home decorations, fashions, architecture, landscape, dining tables and people who lived in the ancient city of Rome and in Pompeii before its destruction by a volcanic eruption in AD79."

I particularly liked the lifelike painting of a Herm....very different from the white marble most of them are now! ... tml/10.stm
Thank you muchly for putting this up! The paintings are wonderful, are they not ?
The commentary makes the point that none are signed - that is because these were hastily done by 'House-painters/decorators' !!.....they were not considered works of art, just decoration !!

***Of note to Military historians and re-enactors is the accurate and vividly lifelike Macedonian style/Hellenistic shield in number 5 .