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Here are some swords that will make your eyes bleed. Just posting this in case anyone wants to buy a Roman "Sparta" sword. They must have watched 300 before marketing it and said "Hey I think the Romanis somewhere in therre had spartas. Letts go sell a model based entierely off a bladde design I made up in my head. Screw using wikipedia to do a basic check to make sure I have the name right at least when I market a histerically resarched sweard"

Funnier still is their claim to historical accuracy.

DARKSWORD ARMORY was founded by Eyal Azerad, whose lifelong dedication to the study of Medieval and Renaissance sword-making resulted in the creation of the business in 1996. Through decades of scholarly research, its founder was able to provide battle ready medieval swords able to withstand the rigors of actual combat, while remaining true to the size, weight and dimensions of the originals. Each replica is researched through examples found in Museums, private collections and other historical sources. The Darksword Armory's team is composed of six individuals, all specialized in the field of medieval swords and armor reproduction. Our apprenticeship program is presently composed of four individuals

Hope you have as good a laugh as I did, though I'm sure you're familiar with this company by now. Confusedhock: :lol: :twisted:
Got a link?
Quote:Got a link?

In fact it is "roman SPARTHA", RUHAHHAH Tongue !!!
Yep, but they aren't even consistently wrong. Spartha in the title, sparta in the writeup.
Whoa, don't mock it. THIS IS.......SPARTHA!
Why did I just have an image of a Spartan with a lisp and a spitting problem?
You knopw the really sad thing? The 'Elvish fantasy' sword is the most historically accurate of the lot.
You mean thpitting problem, don't you? :lol:
Quote:Whoa, don't mock it. THIS IS.......SPARTHA!

My first thought. Tongue
This really is laughable. Some shops even took the freedom to correct them: ... ts_id/3582

But since even a dyslexic can be a good swordsmith: what do you think of the "spatha"? Is it worth anything. It sure doesn't look like a spatha ( and ... tury_1.jpg ). I'm no expert really, but a spatha is supposed to have a straight blade and this is curved like a Mainz type gladius. The gladius looks better to my untrained eye: .

Does anybody know of a good source for a historically correct spatha for the not-quite-rich-enough customer?

Many thanks.

Quote:Does anybody know of a good source for a historically correct spatha for the not-quite-rich-enough customer?

If you want a 3th century spatha, the newer Deepeeka ones aren´t that bad & they are affordable. Otherwise you must go "custom" :wink: ...
I do have a Deepeeka gladius. It is quite good actually, but it is no real sword. It is neither sharp nor does it handle very well. That is why I was so interested in the DarkSword Spatha in the first place - before looking more careful that is. Especially the blade looks really cheap. Some with the Deepeeka spatha. ... n-chr-.jpg

What do you mean by custom made? Albion or self made?


By custom-made, I think he means contracting with a bladesmith to create a sword more or less to your specifications. Not cheap, I promise, but you might get exactly what you want.
I do not know a bladesmith to begin with, but it sounds quite expensive.

Too expensive for me anyway, I fear. But thanks anyway.

Felix, check the "marketplace" thread, there is on sale Albion`s Köln spatha with a good price. It could be used as an example of a spatha from the first to the end of the third century. It is quite rare to get these older Albion roman swords and the price is good....
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