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Is there anyone who can tell me in which museum are the original Lauresfort Phalerae being held.

I was told that the copy is at RGZM but the originals are still in Berlin.

Does anyone know if this is true and if it is true then which museum in Berlin are the found in.

I really would appreciate any help since I cannot complete my phalerae reconstruction without the Lauresfort information.

Thanks for all your help

Hi Paolo,
Which museum in Berlin are they supposed to be in? I've been at Berlin's three antiquities museums this Summer and they weren't there. There is indeed a set at Mainz (need pics?), at Xanten and at Bonn. IIRC the latter is the original.

I do not know where in Berlin. When I spoke to Dan Peterson, he mentioned that they could be in the Berlin museum where the bust of Nefretiti is.

Yes, I would like pics if possible. Would you happen to have pics of the ones at Xanthen and Bonn as well?

Do you know where the originals are so that I could get the info for them? I need to know if the relief figures are silvered copper alloy or if the relief figures are made of pure silver and then wrapped around copper alloy discs to be attached to the leather staps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you very much

Quote:in the Berlin museum where the bust of Nefretiti is
That's the Altes museum. That has hardly any Roman stuff.
PM me your email address and I'll send you (a couple of) zips with photos.
The Xanten set is here on

First of all, thank you for all the pics.

Secondly are the Xanthen Phalerae on the RAT database the originals and the ones you sent me the copies or are they both originals from two different places.

Hi Paolo,
I seem to have very cleverly not photographed the description with the Xanten phalera. In other words: I couldn't say.
The Problem with the "Altes Museum" in Berlin is that the new Egyptian museum is being rebuilt at the moment. So the Altes Museum houses both, Ancient and Egyptian stuff, therefore only about half of the things are on display.

Maybe the phalerae are in the "Deutsches Historisches Museum" ?
they have this:


GOS-Nr. 97005810
Inventarnr. KG 97/60

[Image: 97005810]

and this:

GOS-Nr. 97005809
Inventarnr. KG 97/59

[Image: 97005809]
This is the description with the Mainz phalera