Full Version: Missorium of Kerch
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I used the search option about the Missorium of Kerch where Constantius II is showed with his guardsman, but I've found nothing. So, I post it for those who want to see how an emperor and an elite soldier looked in the first half of the IV century Aera Vulgaris, when Julian lived.

[Image: 596px-Missorium_Kerch.jpg]

Looks like both he and the soldier are wearing the Deurne shoes!
The emperor's campagi have also a sort of darker "pois" decorations. Moreover the baldric looks as fully jeweled or so (no leather seems visible).

The urbicula of the shoulders are giant... and the guardsman has a torque like in the Ravenna mosaics but quite before...

And the guardsman hair is already long.

Et voilà the colour pic, kindly posted on the french forum by Damianus...

[Image: 1missoriumdeconstanceiiwb4.jpg]