Full Version: Nearly 3000 Roman pictures...
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Thanks Rob! Laudes.

Check out this figurine of a Roman soldier: ... tasdotnet/

there are also some 6,508 photos in this Julio-Claudian pool:[email protected]/pool/
Wow, look at all the pics! These are very useful. Thanks for sharing.
Great Robert and Jim, laudes

some more pictures[email protected]/sets/72157601756349965/


Thanks guys.

What is this guy wearing (Tarby's link- thanks!) ... tasdotnet/
Lamellar? Scales? Something else?


And on this one from Chester, is the horse wearing a Dura Europas style barding?[email protected] ... 756349965/
Hi Caballo!
To venture some opinions in response to your queries:-

1. That bronze figurine looks more Etruscan ( almost typical Etruscan) to me.....nothing about it readily identifies it as Roman and one wonders what is the basis for identifying it as "Roman"...I'm afraid we'd need to know a lor more about the context, and even if found in a Roman context, it could be an ancient 'collector's piece' (Romans having a fascination with all things Etruscan......

2. I don't think so...the 'lines' that might suggest this appear to be cracks on closer examination.......
How is it you get the inscriptions to show so clearly, all mine tend to wash out? I have to take them from odd angles to get a good image! Sad
Do you use a secondary light?
The helmet in this picture with the images of soldiers in combat looks interesting, does anyone know whether it's based on any archaeological evidence? ... tasdotnet/

The Museum that the figurine is at has all of their contact information on the their website. Shooting them an e-mail might be the best way to find out more about the artifact...