Full Version: Looking for archaelogical summercamps in Europe
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Hi! I was looking for archeological summer camps in Europe for the 2008 summer, if after my Erasmus work practice I don't want to come back to home... :lol:
I found some, but they are mainly repairing 150 years old roofs or something like. I wanted to get involved in digs, or building replicas, or working around a museum, better if there are Romans somewhere! Big Grin
I can´t found anything in my country or region´s youth department "international summer work-camps" sections...

Sadly, as I´m studying a technical course which is not university, that closes a lot of doors for me. And the lack of History degree... Sad
At least I have a good level of English... :roll:

If someone knows a good web-page to search this kind of things, I would be thankful!
Try AIA's online version of the Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin. They list numerous archaeological projects all over the world.
I think I can help, there is a place called Archaeolink up in Scotland. They always need volunteers. They do feed you and you can dress as a Celt or Roman there. Lodging is a tent and the "free" food is just really sandwiches or fries. I was there for 9 weeks this summer, it wasn't to bad, I mean you get to do Living history all the time up there and if you ask often enough you can do Roman quite a bit. Problems though, not alot of people come SOME days and their historic kits are not that great, good enough, but older and not sized right for me at least. But you could just bring your kit with you too! If you have more questions about it send me a PM.