Full Version: The Roman Eastern Frontier and the Persian Wars 226-363
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A quite cool free reading from Google books:

The Roman Eastern Frontier and the Persian Wars (A.D. 226-363) a Documentary History

by Michael H Dodgeon, Samuel N.C. Lieu, Taylor & Francis
Routledge 1991

ISBN 0415103177 ... d5rtlzzMsk

Thanks Daniele.

Is it worth having a sub-section in References and Reviews (maybe for RAT v3) with a list of topics that have free downloadable or viewable books in the thread's title, and a link contained in the message? Almost like an online reference library.

If the topics could be alphabetically listed it might be easier to find anything you might be looking for.
Too right Jim. All that people cannot spend too much in real books could download the lot of files in the deepnesses of RAT and create a decent library just printing them as well...