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I wish to see you this inscription (it's in Italian Museum)

[Image: 1883943939_4c02950c5f_o.jpg]

What do you think?

Nice, which museum is it in?
It's apparently CIL 06, 01318 = CIL 01, p 192 = CIL 11, *00156,04, which means it was considered false by the editor of CIL 11, and it certainly seems strange to me on first glance.

Bello Samnitium / cum auspicii repe/tendi caussa Romam / redisset atque inte/rim Q(uintus) Fabius Amb[ust(i) f(ilius)] / Maximus mag[ister] / equitum iniu[ssu] / [eiu]s proelio c[onflixisset
as per ... aput_i.htm

I can't think of any parallels for filiation by cognomen rather than praenomen; the Q. Fabius Maximus (Rullianus) who was Master of Horse in the Samnite war was the son of Marcus Fabius Ambustus, so it ought to read "M(arci) F(ilius) [...]/"

Anyhow, the orthography makes it impossible that the inscription is contemporary with the man.
Dan, would you mean me that this inscription it's a false????

I have photographed this stone in a museum, where I think there are authentic archaeological finds. So can you confirm that this inscription is false?
Please explain me better

for Fabius: Museum of Parma

Dan, would you mean me that this inscription it's a false????
I'm not Dan, but I am not surprised; my first impression, before I had read everything, also was surprise. And yes, the Italians -ancient and modern- have been capable of making intrigueing falsifications. :? //]This one[/url] is ancient.) I can not judge the stone, as I have never seen it before, but it may indeed be of contested authenticity.
What's even more interesting about the inscription Jona refers to is that it shows that apparently the Romans themselves believed the story reported by Polybios that Rome never had a fleet before the first Punic war.