Full Version: magazine ancient warrior Montvert publications volume
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I'm looking for the Montvert magazine 'ancient warriors' volume 1.
Can anybody help me in my search?
Hello Etruschi.

I have a copy. Do you require anything in particular?

You also need to add your real name to your posts, as that is a Forum rule.

I would like to buy a copy, but I don't trust buying on the net. It won't be the first time that I recieve a book or magazine ordered via internet in bad condition.
Do somebody of you wants to sell their copy. If the copy is in good condition I would like to buy it.
Is there a possibility to scan the magazine for me?



Philip, although you are signing with your name, our forum rules stipulate that you need to enter your real name into your signature (so that the moderators do not have to remind everyone who forgets).