Full Version: Roman style baldric w/ disks as decoration, examples?
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I'm having some trouble finding original sculptures of an officer wearing a Roman Baldric with small circular disks as decoration. I'm working on one now (along with putting the finishing touches on everything else :roll: ) but I'd like to see an original statue as reference.

Also, if there are any statues that show the baldric splitting at the ends, and each split attaching to the rings... I'd really appreciate.

This is the split I'm talking about:

This one is attached at four points:
[Image: st_SW4171Roman.JPG]
This one is attached at three points:
[Image: _0063.jpg]
Ave, Antonivs!

I too am interested in sources for this.

From a purely observational perspective, the 3 connections (with the single connection at the bottom) would cause the sword to hang at a slight angle, perhaps making it easier to pull from the scabbard, whereas a 4 point connection tends to hang vertically, thereby adding an extra step to drawing the blade, and I'd think that in certain situations being able to draw quickly could be a life saver.

Any statuary, literary or other evidences posted would be greatly appreciated by me as well. Thanks in advance!
Here you go :

[Image: Fajum1.jpg]