Full Version: looking for a book by astrelia publishing
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Hello people.My name is Dimitrios and i live in Athens Hellas.I am a miniature painter and i also love ancient history and my favorite subject is ancient greek hoplites.
I am looking for a book by Russian publishing company ASTRELIA publishing
called "GREEK HOPLITES " or "ANCIENT GREEK ARMIES " ( iam not sure about the title).i saw some plates here and some on the magazine "historikes selides" and the artwork by SERGEI KARACHUK is amazing .do you know a web bookstore where i can buy it?i have searched in ebay amazon barnes and noble nothing!!!can you help?
Thanks in advance
I'm not sure what book you mean or wether the source is of great help for you. It's from a German store with the strange name "Preussisches Bücherkabinett".

Type "Karaschuk" into the search field. Seemingly they have just one piece yet in store.
thank you very much Wolfgang!!!this is exactly what i was looking for!!!