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I just registered and this is my first post, although I've been lurking in this site for some time now!
I intend to make a muscled thorax, roughly based on the examples from the Met and the British museum (sorry don't have the links for the pictures around, but I guess you know the ones I mean Smile ). I have finished the designs and started the shaping but I have no idea how to make the fastenings since I can't find any pictures showing the sides. I have seen rings attached to some thorakes, but I don't know how these would work. Would the hinges used on the Manning Imperial thorax be authentic?
Any info or pics would be most welcome!
Hey Dimitris!Wellcome to the forum.Nice to see one mor fellow Greek in the ancient world.17 huh?How do you find time to build a muscled cuirass Tongue
Manning Imperial is auhentic,yes.This piece ... =2&c_id=35 can be ised as a guide,concerning the hinges and edges.As you see it has no rings and this is authentic,too.Some times there were rings and no hinges and some times both hinges and rings.The shoulders could have or not hinges,both authentic. This thorax might help ... arms-3.jpg
Rings would serve exactly like this image with leather straps.Marks have been found on thorax parts that prove this use.
As you're new to re-enactment,I'd suggest Connolly's Greece and Rome at War for lots of interesting info on matters of armour construction and not only.I ordered it in English.In Greek,you may find the book "Η Πολεμική Τέχνη των Αρχαίων Ελλήνων" that is a part from Connolly's Greece and Rome at War,and may be the translation of another of his books "The Greek Armies".Lots of other interesting books also,but IMO Connolly's the most useful to the re-enactor.

PS.Send photos of the process if you can!
Thanks Giannis, nice to be here! You wouldn't imagine where one can find time if he wants to! I'll tell you this: I woke up at seven on Saturday just to squeeze in an hour of hammering Big Grin
Very informative reply, as allways Giannis! Great picture that one, I only had a picture of the front plate. I'm still thinking about what to use though. I'm leaning towards hinges, because I'd like it to be solid and tight fitting, while with the straps edges tend to dislocate
I'd prefer an English copy(I do not trust translators in such books Smile ), do you think I'll find that anywhere in Greece or will I have to order it?
Process pics will follow later in the day, but as a heads up: My hammering skills are somewhat limited and this is like an exercise, with all the muscle shaping.
By the way, I almost forgot, I've got another question. Was the metal on the edges of the armour always turned to the outside? Are there any examples of it being turned otherwise?
In my reconstruction, although I knew it might be inauthentic, I turned it to the inside. Turning to the outside required some tools I do not posses
Sad . Anyway the way I did it doesn't scratch the skin and the end result somewhat the same...
Well here are some pics:

Cardboard designs: ... CN4146.jpg

Front half shaped(in that pic you can see my sketch on musculature): ... CN4156.jpg

Front plate inside: ... CN4151.jpg

This is as far as I've done. Note that the muscles in the end will be somewhat more...discreet since they will fade just a little bit after "cleaning" the hammer marks.
What do you all think?

One of our members used attached cupboard hinges and he secures them with "perones" (bronze nails)

Kind regards
Welcome to RAT, Dimitris!

So you're knocking a muscled cuirass together by yourself, that's admirable!
I love your pictures, do keep them coming.
Thanks a lot Susanne for your kind words!
That's what I was thinking as well, but if I don't find any apropriate cupboard hinges I'll try to make some. You can never be sure of the alloy used!

Would this be an authentic way to fasten the shoulders? ... JFdet1.jpg

This cuirass was made by Noricum Replikate, I found it on Matthew Amt's page. Such a fastening would make the thorax lock in a certain place and it's easier to make than hinges.
Utterly incredible work! Way to go! Keep updating us. We're all proud of you. A laud is well deserved.
Of course!Laudes!How thick is the brass you use?In one of your next pics can you also show some of your tools/hammers etc?So it can be done. I'm planning for a late bell cuirass myself,but I'm still in progress with my all plated linothorax.In the bell cuirass I'm afraid I won't be able to do the waist outward curvature...
The shoulder fastening.This is a very early way of fastening the sides of the bell cuirass and I think this particular example was from the bronze age.The muscled cuirasses when they had,they were the same as in the sides. Given that this type exists in greek hoplite armour,hoever,I don't thin anybody would blaim you for inaccuracy in this one. This is perhaps the best recreation of a muscled cuirass based on one from the BM.I've not seen the original,only Connolly's reconstruction.You can see the hinges and rings in the sides and shoulders.
Dimitri,keep them coming!
Thank you both!
The brass I used is 1.2 mm thick, which is a great thickness: not soft but easy to work.Sure it's no problem, I'll post some pictures tomorrow. It's pretty basic though. I have a small 3kg anvil, a dishing stump I made and a raising hammer. Sometimes I use an iron canonball for raising and a vise would be very useful although I broke my last one :roll:
Yes I'm aware of that reconstruction, truly magnificent!
Yia sou leventi Big Grin Keep up the good work.
Yia sou kai sena!
I shaped the chest today so here's a photo of it (with me insdie it Smile ... thorax.jpg
The fit isn't quite perfect yet but I'll do the rest of the fitting after I roughly finish the backplate.
By the way here are all the tools I used for the thorax (except for the shears I used to cut the metal): ... /Tools.jpg
Yperocho adelfe
Laudes from me too!
Our members experience is that you mast think of an "ypothorakio" too.

WOW! Awesome job on that lorica!


That is a great deal of work!

Although Roman and not Greek... this is mine, it took a few weeks to get it right and then another few weeks to make the appliques. I've since made the shoulder doublers.

I need to take new photos.

[Image: IMG_3982a.jpg]
Thanks a lot, I greatly value your opinions!
I probably should make an ypothorakio; what would it be made of? Any info or photos?
Great cuirass, please send more photos!
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