Full Version: Alexander Lion Helmet- Real?
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I would love to beleive that the Alexander Sarcophagus of Sidon and much of Alexanders coinage show him with a lion helmet, But I honestly think they clearly show a lions skin and not an actual helmet as a lot of people beleive. As with his successors coins too, such as the coin of Ptolemy Soter with a so-called Elephant head Helmet, I beleive again just shows animal skin worn over their heads. I think Alexanders image in a lion skin is just a way of showing him in a similar manner of heracles and thus more divine or powerful and not an actual metal helmet fashioned in a lions head. What do you guys think?

There is a 4 century BC statue showing Alexander with his lion helmet, it's in modern Turkey, named Alexander Sarcophagus. If accurate… it appears to be an elaborate helmet shaped like a lion’s head, as opposed to being an actual lion’s head or skin.

Quote:The carvings on one long side of the piece depict Alexander fighting the Persians at the Battle of Issus. Alexander is shown mounted, wearing a lionskin on his head, and preparing to throw a spear at the Persian cavalry. Some scholars believe that a second mounted Macedonian figure near the center represents Hephaestion, Alexander's close friend and possible lover. A third mounted Macedonian figure is often identified as Perdiccas. The opposite long side shows Alexander and the Macedonians hunting lions together with Abdalonymus and the Persians. One short end portrays a scene in which Abdalonymus is hunting a panther. The pediment on the lid above shows Abdalonymus in battle. The other short end depicts the Battle of Gazze and the pediment above that end shows the murder of Perdiccas

[Image: 800px-Alexander_Sarcophagus.jpg]
Have any armorers made any reproductions?
I was asking if any armorers, well, make any reproductions. lol I didn't know Deepeeka made the one in the movie Alexander. Nice!
The only Greek who wore a lion-skin over his helmet was Milo of Croton if we belive Diodorus. The Paonians probably wore bison skalps with their horns over their helmets.

The Mediteranean smiths had reached a stage where they could create animal shaped helmets at the time of Alexander

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Below is the prototype of Deepeeka's Alexander lion helmet... strange that they didn't seem to copy the statue though?

[Image: lionface.jpg]
They coppied Connolly,but made it all bronze,while he interpreted it as iron with bronze hair.The Sidon sarcophagus,however,was all yellow,implying either bronze or skin color.Personally i believe it is supposed to represent a helmet and not the actual sking.Two main reasons.It has a neck guard separate from the cheek piece and It is too small to be an actual lion skin.Has anybody seen a real lion skin on a man's head?It is huge.Also,the lion skin usually shown on coins on Alex's head also has the rest of the skin on his showlders.The same is with the fresco over Philip's tomb.This is only a head protection.I'm not saying Alexander ever wore such a helmet,but in this sculpture he is supposed to be wearing a metal helmet.
I have a photo of similar iron helmet,but it is medieval.
Quote:Have any armorers made any reproductions?

Yes. The Met has a Renaissance Lion Helmet:

Doubtless inspired by Classical myth, and possibly by Classical images.
Has anybody seen the coin of Ptolemy Soter with the Elephant skin/helmet over his head in imitation of Alexander and the nemean lion?
Thanks Felix,this was the lion helmet I was referring to.So it's renaissance then and not medieval!
Dennis,I've seen the coin.It's ridiculous to think it is supposed to represent a real elephant skin. It has teeth (so it's an adult elephant) and even the African elephant was an animal at least 2,5 m tall! It's head would have been huge. Most probably it doesn't represent anything real,either helmet or skin,and is purely symbolic.Probably the same goes for Alexander,too.
The coins with the elephant helmest are known to the Seleukidiks and the Greko-Baktrians. N. Segunda believes that the Elphantarches-commander of the elphands unit wore avery extravagnat helmet decorated to simulate an elephant's head.

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