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Like the Book in the thread beneath, this one also deals solely with Barbarians, although this one deals with the ones that affected the Roman Empire throughout its history, not just its end, so the Celts, Gauls, Moors, Germans and so on are all included.

However, I havent finished readind it yet, and although it follows the modern trend of trying to put barbarians in a better light, I do think it goes too far. Now, I have only read the intro, and im not a really religious man, but the statement ''The Roman Empire threw humanity back 1500 years'' is blasphemous to say the least.

Although I do comprehend the need to see the barbarian tribes outside the roman and christian veil of propaganda, he may go too far.

Has anybody else read this? Any opinions?
Quote:see also this thread:

Ahh, thx Jeroen, I see people reached the same conclusion I did.
if you're talking about the Monty Python Terry Jones google his documentaries. although i've learned to be skeptical about almost anything and everything these days, those four or five documentaries are what got me really interested in learning more about Roman history.

from the documentaries I know they blast the Romans for their 'burn and rebuild' approach to civilization, because in the process they managed to wipe out a number of competent people and societies - like Archimedes and the, I believe it was Celtic calendar which is far more accurate than Rome's earlier attempts.

Jones also points out that Rome didn't produce any great mathematicians and that they seemed to cherish a type of consumerism.

one of their main soap boxes is that Rome tells the story because the Church was ultimately the winner. they destroyed documents that made Rome look bad, and concocted stories to make her look glorious. they of course put Caesar into this category for his siege on the Gauls since his reasoning sounded noble but turned out to be purely to acquire gold.

very fun to watch because Terry Jones appears to have a sense of humor for some reason. :wink:
"very fun to watch because Terry Jones appears to have a sense of humor for some reason. :wink: "

Unlike some classicists :roll:

Have a look at the banter on Truthful History-Where Are Cowardly Hondo's Reviews?'s review :| ... d_i=507846

Some people just hate it when Rome is given a hard time.