Full Version: O.K. ?! Really "Off Topic"
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Dear Readers,
Frankly, I don't think anybody's really missing my contributions. :wink:
But ..... since the following 2 Websites nearly ruined my social-live --
well, I said NEARLY .....
I thought I should try to do this to you too ...
1. [url:iny7vmb2][/url]
(Mostly in German. I ran in to this one while trying to cope with D.B. Campbell's request for one article by Rudolf Schneider. Up to now I definitely have not very successful with that-- as always. Sad )
2. [url:iny7vmb2][/url]
A website that comes closest to my passion for "Sex and Rome and Rock'n Roll" (... Or like that :roll: !)
I'm afraid I'll be busy with these for the next few months to come.
(You'll be relieved to hear that, don't you ? 8) )
Siggi K.