Full Version: Theban Cavalry vs Thracian Swordsmen Illustration
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During the Peloponnesian War, the Thracians attacked the city of Mycalessus and killed the population. The Thebans attacked the Thracians as they headed back to their ships loaded down with booty. This is a scene where the cavalry and the Dii swordsmen skirmished.
Hope you folks like it..!
Johnny ... ginal.aspx
Wonderful! Congratulations. Big Grin
Nice details once more!The scabard of the first fallen Thracian,the proto boeotian helmets,the cuirass ... 180.3a.htm ,the sea birds,the small wounds and bloud...congratulations

PS. You desided the primitive saddle cloth I see :lol:
Is that a metal petasos?Is it based somewhere,or speculation,like the boeotean felt cup became the boeotean helmet?
Yes, that is the photo I used..!
Thanks for the comments.
It is based on one found in Athens. There is a sketch of it in the Osprey book, "The Ancient Greeks" by Secunda.
Excellent! Smile
Your sense of perspective and foreshortening is most excellent. The effect of the air flowing through the horse mane is almost photographic.

Great work. More, please. When does the book of your art come out? I'm up for a copy.

Another Laud
Dear Johnny very dynamic scene.

Some comments though:
Shoold you choose you can paint the helmets white.
Xenophon mentions it and some pottery from the National Museum supports it.

The Dioi had the mountain lion (cugar) as their tribal totem.
It can show on shields or on head gear if you like.

Kind regards
Wonderful artwork, Johnny. I love the facial expressions Big Grin
Stefanos,I don't remember what Xenophon says,but in pottery the white helmets is felt.This is clear because we often see the felt bending,assuming it was not metal.Some times metal is depicted white,but the rest of the armour is also white.
Xenophon mentions white helmets on Beotian cavaly in Matineia "Hellenika" 5.4.10 - if memory serves me right.

The pottery does not show the white "laconian" pilos but the more more elaborate "beotian pilos" helemt usually seen on horsemen.
Pics to follow

Kind regards
Dramatic! How long did it take you to do this one?
Thanks for all the comments!

I thought the white helmets were dated in the 4th century?

Bravo Johnny! Another great work! Any chance you might be doing a scene depicting action from the Second Punic War? Say, the charge of the elephants at Zama?

Laudes Big Grin
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