Full Version: Actor playing Brutus stabs himself
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LOL! Big Grin I guess he did not know his part! He was meant to stad the other guy!
I want to laugh, but you have to feel sorry for him :lol:
...and that's why you don't give actors props except just before the scene, and never give them anything they can hurt themselves with, like sharp or hot things.

I've been a stage manager, and it just doesn't work out.

Techies rule!
HA! He got what he deserved! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Poor sod!
Reminds me of the bit in one of the 'Naked Gun' films when Frank Drebin
(Leslie Nielsen) explains why he shot dead a load of people in a public park
"....well if I see a bunch of guys in sheets stabbing someone with knives I shoot first and ask questions later". "It was an open air production of Julius Caesar!!" cries the horrified Mayor"

What was he doing with a real knife? Confusedhock: :?

I wore "samurai swords" on stage in several kabuki plays (including a kabuki version of Richard III) -- they looked real, as a good prop should, but they were anything but real.

Had they been real so too would have been the blood and mayhem.

Demetrius is quite right: actors and sharp objects are a dangerous combination.


:lol: Haha! Ok, it is a bit funny. But I do feel sorry for the poor bloke -- what the heck was he doing with a *real* knife anyway!? How stupid!

Well, that's what happens when you try to kill Caesar! :x
how on earth he managed to stab himself? Poetic justice :lol: :lol: :lol:
Well, at least he didn't say "Don't worry, it's not a real knife".

Poor guy, he's never going to live it down.


Actually, what happens when you try to kill Caesar is, normally, that you succeed. When you don't try, you get thrown off the cliffs of Capri.

What a wooss this actor was! I've seen one of my fellow-actors concussed and then had to fight the actor responsible, I had so lost faith in his concentration that I parried extra low with my Main Gauche and he, striking exactly where he should have, proceeded to cut me across the knuckles. My only thought for my own injury was that it should bleed fast enough for the audience to benefit from the accidental realism while we finished the scene.

There's a limit to the protection you can offer a man; swords used are normally blunt, but injuries still occur, especially in "Romeo and Juliet", which once held the record for injuries to actors (and probably still does), many of them being loss of, or wounds to, an eye, and even deaths. I was also injured in "Macbeth" by Duncan, who struck truly to my gut, but got careless about the alignment of his blade and made sharp contact with my elbow just prior to hitting his target area. This required hospital treatment, but I was damned if I would go before I'd taken my bows at the end. (I told you we Thespians were tough! The guy in the news report clearly is only pretending to be one of us...)