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Quote:Which reminds me of an earlier discussion, to make some sort of Roman Army Wiki. This might be the core of it. BTW, all dates before 300 BC are Varronian chronology, which may help you for the problematic date of the Allia.

This is an old post I'm responding to, but I thought I'd mention:

In the last build-out of my site (based on the JC article I wrote a long time ago), I revamped it into a Wiki on Roman and Hellenistic history.

Unfortunately, I rarely have time to add material (e.g., I have been meaning to write a long article on Cato for a while, but simply can't get the time), though it happens every now and then. As I don't wish the pages vandalized, I have also shut off "free edits", but if anyone is interested in contributing with articles and survey work to the site, I would be pleased to provide access to the wiki.

The site also contains a bibliography database for books and articles on Hellenistic and Roman history based on WikIndx. I've only managed to add some 60 or so books and articles, but it's a really neat resource, and again - if people are interested in using and contributing to the bibliography - please go ahead (since this resource is fortunately more rare, the risk of vandalization is low, so there is no barrier to registration and editing).