Full Version: "Rädchen eines Beneficiariers" from Augusta Rauri
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From Augusta Raurica- can some one with more knowledge (and better German) tell me what this is? Other than something belonging to a beneficiarius (perhaps a small wheel??) , I am stumped....


wheel with eight spokes and punching inscription. this was a consecration gift to an unknown God. had been formerly certainly in a Temple(area) fastened to a wall.
the inscription reads --- P . ER . BENEFICIARIVS . V . C --- RM ---
The name of the Beneficiariers stood on the not received wheel part and is not not well-known
Bronze, wheel axle from iron. Incompletely and in several fragments. diameter: 7,7 cm
Rädchen eines Beneficariers = Small wheel of a beneficarius.

This small wheel was found together with other small and larger wheels in secondary bedding. The name of the beneficarius was inscribed on the part which does not exist and hence is not known. The wheel was dedicated to an unknown deity and was mounted without doubt at the wall of the temple (area). Since beneficarii were stationed along the large highways it is assumed that in Augst was a patrol station belonging to the military.

This is my rough translation of the "Kommentar". Hope it helps.