Full Version: the LAST legion...?
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Well, who went, who saw it?

September première, I think, here in Barcelona.
There are already two threads that discuss this film... You can use the search function two find them.
Which threads? searched for title..??

Here's one: I don't know if there are others or not.
This is the largest thread about the movie:

When it's out on DVD I'll see it.
Looked stupid lol. I think I'll wait for Marsh to watch it on DVD, then tell me about it.
Think I'll wait for Marsh to tell about it, then decide whether to pirate it from the web or save the disc space for something else Smile
Ahhhh, let me be the sucker huh? Well, dammit, I'll probably wait until it's like 2 for $10 or somehting :-Þ I rarely buy movies... that'd be the wife. She bought that one movie about King Arthur and the Romans... I have to want to see something. 'Member me, I'm a tightwad!
Hmmmm...think I'll wait until it shows up on cable (HBO, Show Time, SciFi Channel) and then I'll probably leave the room often. Perhaps with enough wine it will seem better than it is... :?

What is the wine of choice for a movie such as this???? Twist off or box?
Good question Wes.

Normally Twist-Off would be too expensive, so Box would fit the bill.


Here in California we have the ever so famous "Two Buck Chuck." An actual glass bottle with a real cork. Confusedhock:

I know, I know, perhaps a $2 wine is too ostentatious for a film such as this, but it will dull the senses and thus make bearable that which would otherwise drive one insane.

Now to find a $2 cheese that is made from something other than petroleum... :roll:


Quote:What is the wine of choice for a movie such as this???? Twist off or box?
I dunno, but Jack Black would help this kind of thing a lot! Tongue
Here in MO there is a pace called Dirt Cheap Cigarettes and Beer, they tout a "30 dime wine". would 30 dimes possibly be too glitzy?? I was hoping to fill a bota bag or wine skin to maintain authenticity....perhaps a can of real Roman black olives marinaded in Olive oil???? Menu might become a problem..........
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