Full Version: Is this a roman coin?
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Hello all,
I'm new here, long time reader of the old forums, and I decided to register here a while ago.
Anyway, I came across a coin in my collection, I have coins from all over the world and I found this very old one. It's in good condition considering it's age.
I was wondering if it was Roman, I have no idea, I think it might be, but the runes are different so I have my doubts.
Here's the front of the coin:
[Image: frontcoinod9.jpg]

And here is the back of the coin:
[Image: backcoinwx4.jpg]

I thought because of the head it might not be Roman because the person is wearing a crown, and for all I know Roman emperors didn't wear crowns.

Anyway, all help is appreciated, if you can identify where it comes from, and possibly an estimate of a date when it was used.

Thanks in advance.
Here you are definitive on the wrong forum for things like this!

But o.k., for one time:

Trajan Decius A.D. 249-251

radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right

Dacian stands left, holding a staff surmounted with the head of a dragon (?)

:!: BTW: Don't forget! Every artefact you get on the market – and nearly every source sells “greyâ€
I got this off a family member, I have no idea how he got it. But I treasure it.
Thanks for your info, I greatly appreciate it. I had no idea of any other Roman forums like this, so I thought this place would be my best option.
Ave DrewG,

self-evidently you can ask about coins on RAT - some members here, like FlaviusCrispus, are well known ancient coin dealers or collectors.
Perhaps try the sub-forum 'Ancient Civ Talk' then.

Aurelianus\\n[quote] :!: BTW: Don't forget! Every artefact you get on the market – and nearly every source sells “greyâ€
Quote:Ave Patrik,
don't forget! A lot of modern money hosted on Swiss bank accounts is of very dubious origin - could also be the profit of illegal excavators!!!

Don't tell this to me. I'm neither the owner of any of these banks nor a friend of its practice (and don’t think only some Swiss banks make unethical business! Don’t forget for example the history of many German banks).
I avoid all these banks and save therefore my hard earned money on a little local bank.
You've made a quite bad comparison! Confusedhock:

If you like it or not: I take the view that it is important to sensitize unsuspecting collectors (or who can get one)to the problematic of illegal excavation and its responsibility for destruction of cultural possessions.
I was a collector too until I get informed about the disrespectful and destructive “excavation techniques“ of a lot of pot-hunters. Unfortunately there are really no absolute safe sources for artefacts. So I thought the only way to be a real history friend is to resist against temptation of collecting.

I gave the information about his coin to DrewG . And he really shall be happy about owning a real and nice coin. I just hope that he will not start to collect. That’s all!

End of the discussion for me
Salve Patrik,

I will side with you on this matter, as an amateur archaeologist working with the professionals our sites have been plagued by the unscrupulous, destroying our digs, corrupting our data. It is good to caution would be collectors on the darker sides of the trade in coins and other artifacts. The coin itself is a beauty and I applaud you taking the kindness of identifying it in such a knowledgeable manner.

Drew, welcome to the forum and don't forget to add you real name to your signature as well. May you gain great insight and knowledge, there are many here who will help you in that.
I've added my name and updated my profile a little.
Ave Patrik,

sorry, calm down, it merely was a joke. You a completely right when warning about the dangers of illegal excavations.
I only think that most people (especially RAT members) will appreciate and follow friendly and important advices without need of marking them by !!!-palisades or :!: icons.
An exaggerated warning to an innocent questioner may as easily be misunderstood as my joke.