Full Version: Deir el Medineh spangenhelm
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Does any member of RAT have measurements or scale drawing for the Deir el Medineh helmet at all?

I'd be very grateful if you had! Big Grin
I just bought Mahand Vogt's Spangenhelme. Baldenheim und verwandte Typen, which gives a description (if I am not mistaken as I do not have the copy at hand right now). I will later check what this book states about this helmet.

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Many thanks Martijn! Big Grin

The following measurements are given in the above mentioned book (page 274):

- Helmet:
Height 18.0 cm
Diameter 20.5 cm
Circumference 65.3 cm

- Six spangen:
Broadness (underside) 4.5-5.0 cm
Broadness (upper side) 2.7-3.0 cm

-Six triangular fillers (for in between the spangen)
measurements not stated

- Headband
Broadness 4.6 cm
Distance in between holes 2.5 cm

- Nasal
Length 5.5 cm
Broadness 2.3 cm

- Circular plate on top
Diameter 4.7 cm

- Iron ring attached to helmet
Diameter 3.2 cm
Thickness of wire 0.3 cm

- Right cheek guard
Length 12.3 cm
Broadness (behind) 6.0 cm
Broadness (front) 18.6 cm

- Left cheek guard
Length 12.2 cm
Broadness (behind) 6.5 cm
Broadness (front) 19.2 cm

- Neck guard
Broadness 14.8-14.0 cm
Height 11.5 cm
The upper side is slightly bended outwards and overlaps the headband for about 1 cm.

- Three hinges
Measurements not stated

- Iron rivets
Measurements not stated

I hope this helps.

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Thanks Martijn. A laudes for you!
it helps martijn it helps me too 8) thank you and laudes for you Big Grin
i ask this question a longer time before in this forum but nobody gave me an answer :?
this is what i need Big Grin D D

Thanks for supplying the information so quickly Martijn! Big Grin

well-deserved laudes from me too!
You all are most welcome.

I can highly recommend the above mentioned book to anybody interested in spangenhelms. It contains detailed information concerning all know specimens up to present.