Full Version: Any good Roman/Ancients podcasts?
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Anyone know of any good Roman/Ancients related podcasts? This is the only one I've come across:
I found the following at David Meadow's Explorator, the weekly newsletter that is well worth the free subscription:


The Book and the Spade:

Stone Pages Archaeology News:

Archaeologica Audio News: [url][/url]
Here is a site producing a History of Rome podcast.

I have not listened in yet so can not offer an opinion other than it is an ambitious project.

(Did a search but did not see this posted already)



Uhmmm, the Ancient Warfare podcast? ... azine.html
I can wholeheartedly recommend "Ancient Warfare`s" podcats. The only downside is that the recordings are made in a neighbour of a bordell and you can clearly hear some occasional panting and shrieks which belong to those kind of activities :wink: . Anyway very interesting topics and good conversation on various subjects...
Well, that wouldn't be in Zutphen, must be in Kosovo, Texas or Australia (which is where the other guys live). Kidding aside, I know that's the problem, we'd love to have everyone in the same room with professional audio equipment, but the fact is that with contributors worldwide, you have to use call-in/Skype conferences with concomitant drops in quality. That, and of course Michael Taylor's army boots kicking his metal desk... :wink: :wink: