Full Version: Help Contacting Simon James?
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Does anyone happen to know how I might contact Simon James directly so that I may ask a question regarding his Dura Europos Final Report? I'd rather not have to go through goodness knows how many layers of publishers, universities, etc. to get to him if anyone can help or even just pass on the question for me.

Please PM me if you can help Big Grin

Gratias tibi ago
Matt, try the email address on this page. ... 2-8t7-fxc/

The phone number's there as well.
Awesome- thanks Jimmy :wink:
I've already contacted Dr. James a couple of times, and although he usually has not much time, his answers were always nice, friendly AND helpful. In addition, he doesn't have any fears of contact regarding reenactors Big Grin
I also had a very nice contact with Simon James, he even sent me a copy of his helmet article.
Wonderful- well I sent an email to the address on the webpage Jim pointed out and hopefully I'll get a reply (just 2 little questions, one an opinion) before too long :wink: