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Salvete Omnes!

In a couple of Opsrey's books, they have this style of knee-high boot, laced up the front, with the toes exposed, shown on a couple of figures around the 5th to 6th century CE. I have seen a pair of boots like this once in person, worn by a guy at a Renfaire in Phoenix, AZ, but his covered the toes as well.

Here is a link to one of the Opsrey books (Arthur and the Anglo-Saxon Wars) that shows this style of boot... ... MAA~per=41

Can anyone tell me if this style of boot has any sort of historical accuracy? If so, are there any known examples of it, or better yet, a place were one might be able to purchase such footwear (or get it custom made)?

Actually, I think i might have found a source for the image, which appears to be a Greek boot often used by Actors and Hunters... ... urnus.html

It does look a lot like that style of boot shown on the Osprey book. The Cothurnus seems to be related to a boot called a Buskin. Theres at least one reference that this type of boot was reserved for the gods as well, and that some emperors wore them too.

But thats all the info I can find... not sure when it would have ben used.

Optime Valete!
The boot looks very much like the one in a photo Commerus just posted although it dates to the 2nd century AD.

See the boot on the far-right after you click here.

As for getting a pair custom-made, you can find a leather worker or shoe maker online quite easily. Here's one place you might try : [url:3slhl5jy][/url]

Good luck.

Yeah, I noticed that about a day later, that someone just posted a topic about virtually the same thing. So at least there is evidence for these boots, thats cool, 'cause I really liked the look of them.
I know what you mean. I like 'em too. Might try my hand at making them one day.
Gee, glad I was such a fashion icon!! (said Caesar)