Full Version: Must see Roman related Museums or Sites (Europe)
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Like the title says, list your favorites.
List those that are over-rated!
Keep your list in the context of the theme of this forum.

I have a few favorites, but I'll see if other people list them.
Apparently there are gladii and scabbards a-plenty in Belgrade- [url:4aso73jq],%20antika%20ranisrednji%20vek/predmetiantika.htm[/url]

(thanks to Jim for the Google find, and to Stefan for posting the article)
Archäologisches Museum Carnuntinum in Bad Deutsch Altenburg

Largest roman museum in Austria with lots of splendid artefacts on display
I don't know if it would class as a "must see", but Vindolanda is a great place, with great surroundings, there is also the Roman Army Museum just up the road, which is, from what i've heard, pretty good.
Brian Stobbs has plenty of re-creations in there! I have yet to see that, so I too would recomend thatarea, seconding Daves report.
Also Housesteads and Chesters fort are near there, and Wallsend and Southshields! So definately the Newcastle end of Hadrians wall, also Corbridge!

It's not a long drive from there to the Leeds armoury, relatively speaking.

And basically...lots to see in England.

Then there is ....never mind
Oh, PS. Segedunum is meant to be very good, I haven't been there in years, so I can't really vouvh for it, but i'm sure you'll be able to find out alot of info on the net, plus it's in the same area as the other hadrians wall sites that have been mentioned.
Quote:there is also the Roman Army Museum just up the road, which is, from what i've heard, pretty good.

that is a nice museum, i have been there. It also has some drawings of Graham hanging there BTW.

museums in NL:
- Allen Pierson museum in Amsterdam
- Museum van oudheiden in Leiden
- Valkhof in Nijmegen
I'll have to look out for them, what subjects are they? I'm probably going to Vindolanda and the museum in a couple of weeks, i'll certainly be able to appreciate the finds alot more than the last time I visited, mainly down to this forum! Big Grin
Mainz has several delightful museums:
* Landesmuseum (sculpture and inscriptions);
* Museum für antike Schifffahrt (ships and navigation);
* Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum (general + nice Biergarten)
* Museum Castellum (bridgehead on the east bank);
* Temple of Isis.
and from there you can go to the Saalburg, which has a small military museum too.

British Museum: Sword of Tiberius, Fulham Sword, Ribchester Cavalry Helmet, Kirkburn Sword (not Roman but WOW!), and load loads more.

Roman Legionary Museum at Caerleon.


Quote:general + nice Biergarten
Don´t forget theGlyptothekin Munich, with one of the most beatiful Cafés in the world. Smile
[Image: haus_05.jpg]
Cologne's Römisch-Germanisches Museum

Trier, esp. the gate and palace aula

Istanbul, archeological museum

and of course the blindingly obvious: Rome (Vatican museum for art, surviving architecture for impressions, National museum for the 'Which part is closed today' lottery, and Museo della Civilta Romana for a good laugh)
I must add the Limesmuseum Aalen,Germany. Great artifacts of all kinds.
Belt parts,gladii,scutum bosses, horse shoes and decorations, a great altar to Mithras, more than I can remember now.I wish someone would make a patera in the styles I saw there.
Also, Vindonissa museum in Switzerland has supposedly one of the best collections of helmets(gallic, I believe). Unfortunately they are closed for remodelling until Oct '08.
I forgot to add the Augusta Raurica site and museum,well worth seeing, and the very impressive Theater of Augustus and museum in Verona,It.
While you're there, don't miss the coliseum.
My picks are:
1. Trier:
(On occasion of that "Constantine" Exhibition and, of course, before and after that !)
-- Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier
link from old RAT
-- Bischöfliches Dom- und Diözesanmuseum
link from old RAT
-- Stadtmuseum Simeonsstift
link from old RAT
2. Mannheim:
Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen ( That wonderful folks that gave us both
"Die Alamannen" and "Die Franken-Wegbereiter Europas".
link from old RAT
My city of birth -- proud of that ugly heap of stones !! :wink:
Mannheim-(alt-)Hermsheim: one of the largest Carolingian graveyards in Europe.
3. Speyer:
Historisches Museum der Pfalz
link from old RAT
4. Worms
Museum der Stadt Worms im Andreasstift
link from old RAT
5. Stuttgart
Württembergisches Landesmuseum im Alten Schloß
(Lapidarium im Neuen Schloß)
link from old RAT
The folks that gave us the better part of "Imperium Romanum" -- "Roms Provinzen an Neckar, Rhein und Donau"
One of the largest collection of fibulae from the 5th to the 7th. Century,
but right now preparing for an "Egyptian Mummy Exhib" ( Well , I prefer Boris Karloff, --- THE Original !! :wink: :!: )
Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt ; Karmelitergasse
(once was: Museum für Ur- und Frühgeschichte, Frankfurt)
O.K. that's for the "been there recently" section.
As for my "wishing list":
1. Luxembourg/LUX:
Luxembourg Musee National d'Histoire et d'Art ( en francais !)
(Been there last some 15 Years ago -- definitely need update , last visit was impressive.)
2. Basel/CH:
Historische Museum Basel , Barfüsserkirche et al .
( Same goes for this one)
link from old RAT
On 1., 3., 4., see more under:
link from old RAT
In the past all these have been locations where exceptional special exhibitions took place, but rest assured they are great places with
"everyday exhibs" .
Some of the them websites in foreign languages, too.
(Well in some cases you'd have a bit of a look for that)
Siggi "Simplex" K.