Full Version: About gladii from Dubravica
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This post is created because of the problems with uploading.
Finally you can read it now
Miroslav B. Vujovic, Gladii from Dubravica, Vestigatio vetustatis, Belgrade, 2001, pp. 117-129.
Thanks Stefan, i look forward to reading this!
Very interesting Stefan, laudes Big Grin !
Thanks Arahne Laudes to you,I love to see new material on the sword front it sometimes fills in small gaps Big Grin D
Regards Brennivs Big Grin
I just realised that Hans Binsfeld's Mainz gladius is one of these very swords.
I thought it reminded me of something, although I am sure I have seen the pic of the original somewhere else before!

Wish I had a method to my madness! :? (
Any idea if the originals in the article are now on display at a museum?
Quote:Wish I had a method to my madness
Well, we can both be thankful that we have the madness, eh? We can be taught method, but madness, well, that's a gift!