Full Version: New recruits
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Welcome all newcomers to the Legions!

Make yourself at home with your fellow milites and tell us a little bit about yourself, such as...

- where are you from?
- how'd you become interested in Rome?
- why are you here?
- do you re-enact, are you a student, an academic professional, or..?

If you've posted once, you're considered a R.A.T. member, so climb aboard and enjoy the forum.

Jasper Oorthuys
Associate Webmaster,

Jenny Cline
Mmmmh, starting again... A strange feeling (Moreover, I'll have to learn how to post my personal pic here again... BTW, is it possible, Jasper?)
Hope that we won't lose somebody or something with the move! :?


Well, I've already solved the part about my pic... :oops:
So, we're all recruits again

What'll happen to the material on ezboard? It seems a pity to lose it.
Shouldn't you announce (in case it would be 'politically correct' or sensible towards Ezboard) prominently on each section of old RAT about this move, so everybody notices it? :?: :!:



I figured I'd go with the 'respectable academic' option of using my real name this time around...
(Danno Ulpius on RAT v1)
That's a good idea which I hope will be followed!

Vale, I'm Atrectus, son of Andecarus, from the tribe of the Tungrians. My chief sent me off to fight for the Romans in some forgotten place in Britain. And now I stand here on the tower of Vindolanda castellum and watch those painted devils creep down from the hills.

Well, not really. I'm sitting at my desk in a flat somewhere in Germania and watch the rain pour down while I write the story of Atrectus. Smile

I wasn't the most active participant (I read more than I posted) in the old RAT forum, but I really like the place. I hope this one will prove more fun than ezboard - I know the software from other forums and prefer it to ez.

Gabriele Campbell
Yeah, a pity if all that gathered info will be lost


(Sniff) Sad All of my 1620 posts - lost!
I suppose all the old threads on Rat I are being locked? I would not want to loose the old board, we may want to link to old discussions, hence we have to do them all over again! Confusedhock:
i´m also "back from the grave", bwu ha ha ha (hollow laugh here)

On this RAT i´m also one of the moderators (perhaps this should me mentioned in the title?)so don´t make me use my "klingon pain stick"

Hey, hey, hey!! Here we come again! My name is Ivan Perelló, I'm from Barcelona, Catalonia, I re-enact late Roman at the multiperiod group called LEGIO I GERMANICA at .


Just transfered over from version 1.

"Everybody in the pool !" 8)


Quote:That's a good idea which I hope will be followed!


You could make it a rule. Over at Roman Army Group they've told members to 'fill up' their yahoo account information with surnames and places. Not such a bad idea. I've used my alias because else I'd get confused :oops:


Jay Patterson
From Georgia, US
Been interested in Rome for about seven years. Mainly the Punic Wars and late Republic. You can call me somewhat of a historian for the period. Smile

As for the posts on the ezboard, it's a shame we lost them. Jasper, is there anyway that the ezboard can be backed up and put on the website as an archives of some kind?
Quote:Jasper, is there anyway that the ezboard can be backed up and put on the website as an archives of some kind?

Nope, not as far as I know. It'd be unlikely too that ezboard would provide services that'd help transfer their boards of their site, wouldn't it?