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"Celtic" utility (hunting?) knife & folder
My recos of hallstatt (550BC) "real man´s sidekicks":

Utility knife in scabbard, oiled and beeswaxed elmwood, the scabbard is wrapped with blue linnen yarn (with invisible knot).

The blade is of forged iron (no steel), glued in the hilt with birchtar.

My hallstatt folder, handforged iron blade, antler hilt (sealed with birchtar) and hefts from bone. The rivet is from bronze.

Ready for duty.

Recos after finds from Hochdorf and Hallstatt.
Great gear you have there, Steve! These Halstatt blades reminds me somehow the later seaxes!? Btw, great helmet you have there on your avatar, is it possible to see any piccies on that?
Virilis / Jyrki Halme
[Image: fectio.png]
Thx for compliment.

My helmet is after a find in bavaria, a so called "Kammhelm" from the late urnfield culture (1000 - 900BC).
Those early celtic helmets are just great! "Lord of the Rings" gear will pale in comparison! (although they resembled more some anglo-saxon helmets :wink: ...)
Virilis / Jyrki Halme
[Image: fectio.png]
Sehr schön replikate!

Nice pieces! How is made that invisible knot?
Quote:How is made that invisible knot?

Veeeeeery difficult :wink: :

Make a "sling" of yarn and put it vertical on the point you plan to wrap (horizontal) - let the open end on the on, the "U" on the other side of the wrapping area. Then wrap it, the one end of the wrap-yarn fixed under the first turns. If you reach the finishing turn, bring the other end of the yarn trough the "U", pull that under the wrapping to the other side free, cut the end of the yarn....

...invisible knot!

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