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Another New Scissor relief
Do we have evidence for this kind of cuirras used by gladiators at all? I only know of the breastplate of the provocator, but that's definitely not a muscle cuirras. Also the cruppelarius wears a kind of segmental armour, but I think the scissor would just wear a hamata, no muscle cuirras over it. If they would use that at all, it would be directly, without something underneath, I would say.
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There is no pictorial evidence of a gladiator wearing Musculata.
The Scissor is either depicted wearing a thigh length squamata or something that might be a hamata.
There is one depiction were he might be wearing a padded gambeson like armor while fighting a retiarius.

When fighting another Scissor/Arbales he seems to be fighting only in tunic.
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Quote:It may be just a point of trivia, but has anyone noticed how the Scissor's weapon closely resembles the Army's standard issue turf cutter?
There is also a leatherworking knife that's about the same shape, and a chef's knife that has a curved blade like that. It would slice whatever it hit, but I don't think (as some say) it would be useful for cutting out of a net. Cords are pretty resistant to blades. The hooked side probably had an edge on it, too. It could disembowel a man pretty quick, and the retarius was very light on armor of any kind except for the manica and shoulder. Against a neck or throat, well, it wouldn't be a career enhancing move. Confusedhock: :?
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