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How many Roman military dates do you know?
December 18, 218 BC - Battle of the Trebbia

Happens to be today as well Big Grin
Paul Basar - Member of Wildfire Game\'s Project 0 AD
Wildfire Games - Project 0 A.D.
So busy with my timeline that I forgot to check it properly :oops: :

December 15, 533 AD: Belisarius defeats the Vandal king Gelimer at the battle of Ticameron.
Robert Vermaat
MODERATOR: Forum rules
FECTIO Late Roman Society
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
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Thanks gents! Dates added to the database.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
My first draft of the 250-550 timeline will be revealed this week.
Robert Vermaat
MODERATOR: Forum rules
FECTIO Late Roman Society
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
[Image: artgroepbutton.jpg]
A few dates from the Late Republic:

49BC 10th/11th Jan - Caesar crosses the Rubicon
49BC 21st Feb - Corfinium falls to Caesar
49BC 18th March - Pompeius flees from Brundisium with his army
49BC 2nd August - Battle of Ilerda, Spain - Caesar beats Afranius and Petreius
48BC 7th July - Dyrrachium. Pompeius defeats Caesar
48BC 28th Sept - Murder of Pompeius on the coast of Egypt
47BC 27th March - Caesar victorious in Egypt
47BC 2nd August - Battle of Zela. Caesar defeats Pharnaces
46BC 6th April - Thapsus. Caesar defeats Cato and Scipio et al
45BC 17th March - Battle of Munda
44BC 15th March - Murder of Caesar!

43BC 14th April - Battle of Forum Gallorum
43BC 21st April - Battle of Mutina
43BC 19th Oct - Octavian declared consul after marching on Rome
43BC 27th Nov - The Triumvirate is formed

42BC 1st Jan - Deification of Caesar
42BC 1st/23rd Oct - First and second battles of Philippi

36BC 3rd Sept - Battle of Naulochus

And here are a few (perhaps even more approximate) dates from Tacitus on the very hectic year 69:

69AD 2nd/3rd Jan - Mutinous soldiers of the German legions salute Vitellius emperor (but how do they salute, we wonder?)
69AD 15th Jan - Otho declared emperor in Rome by the Praetorian Guard
69AD 15th March - Otho leaves Rome with his troops to face the invading Vitellians
69AD 5th April - Battle of Castores. Vitellians defeated.
69AD 14th April - First Bedriacum/Cremona. Otho defeated
69AD 16th April - Emperor Otho commits suicide at Brixellum
69AD 19th April - Vitellius declared emperor by the senate
69AD 19th Sept - Forum Alieni. Antonius Primus ambushes the Vitellians
69AD 12th Oct - The Ravenna fleet mutiny for Vespasian

69AD 24th/25th Oct - Second Bedriacum/Cremona
69AD 26th-29th Oct - Cremona sacked
69AD 28th Nov - Misenum fleet mutiny for Vespasian
69AD 7th Dec - Rebellious marines from Misenum seize Tarracina
69AD 15th Dec - Vitellian army surrenders at Narnia
69AD 17th Dec - L.Vitellius recaptures Tarracina after fleet rebellion
69AD 19th Dec - Panic on the streets of Rome! Vitellius' praetorians storm the Capitol and murder Vespasian's brother Sabinus (Boo!)
69AD 20th Dec - Rome falls to the Flavian army under Antonius Primus. Vitellius executed! (Hooray!)

Any errors in the above are probably my own typos! Most of the dates are approximate, I believe.
Thanks Nathan!

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
October 28, 312 -- Battle of the Milvian Bridge

July/August, 357 -- Battle of Strasbourg (Argentoratum)

June 26, 363 -- Battle of Ctesiphon

August 9, 378 -- Battle of Adrianople (Hadrianopolis)

September 6, 394 -- Battle of the Frigidus

December 31, 406 -- Vandals et al. cross the frozen Rhine river

June 20, 451 -- Battle of Chalons (Catalun)
[Image: artorivs-mcmlx.gif]
[size=75:y4iezjz4]David Sullivan
Lynnwood, WA USA[/size]
Thanks David

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Quote:We're building a database for 'This day in History'
Will it actually be a data base per se, or an accumulation of dates here on RAT?
Robert Stroud
The New Scriptorium
It was going to be a database, but I had to put it to one side for now. Too many projects on Cry

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Quote:It was going to be a database, but I had to put it to one side for now. Too many projects on
I completely understand that. There is much going on here! Thanks for all that you do!
Robert Stroud
The New Scriptorium
15 march 44 bc, julius ceaser is most violently removed from office, a month or so after declaring himself a dictator. that cleopatra thing didnt go over so good either


Here are few dates from Julius Caesar campaing in Gaul:

III/IV 58 BC - victory in campaing against Helvetii.
VIII 58 BC - Caesar defeated Ariovistus in the battle of Vosges
VII/VIII 57 BC - Victory in the battle at Aisne River fought against Gauls tribes from Galia Belgica.
56 BC - Veneti tribes' uprising and their defeat in first documented sea battle on the Atlantic ocean near Saint-Gildas.
56 - Cesar, Pompeius and Crassus meeting in Lucca, renew of Triumvirat, Caesar gained prolongation of his gouverment for the next five years in Illyricum, Galia Narbonensis and Cisalpine Gaul.
IV-VII 55 BC - Caesar gets to the German teritory through the bridge on the Rhine
VIII-IX 55 BC - I Caesar's campaigne to Britania

to be continued Smile
Daniel Budacz

Fortuna non penis, in manus non receptus...
Quote:Absolutely. Socrates was at Delium, and distinguished himself during the collapse of the Athenian line. As the story goes, while everyone around him was panicking and running, he retreated slowly and deliberately, facing the enemy. He was intimidating enough that he wsa able to collect a small group around him and bring them off the field intact - the enemy steered clear of them.

According to Plutarch, he was assisted in his retreat by Alcibiades, who was serving as a cavalryman and helped keep the pursuing Theban horsemen at bay. In so doing he was repaying the favour Socrates had done him when he lay wounded at the siege of Potidea, when Socrates had stood over him and 'defended him with the most conspicuous bravery and saved his life and his arms from the enemy'. (Plutarch, Alcibiades, 7) Who says philosophers are boring?

Phil Sidnell
September 28, 351: Battle of Mursa.
Constance II versus Magnence. Victory of Constance II.

July 353: Idem in Gaule, proximity of Gap. Victory of Constance II.
Magnence's suicide.
Franck alias D. Vlattera, byzantine dignitary in "Tagma de Byzance".

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