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How to make a Hoplon/Aspis?
I'm sorry ahead of time, but if you can link anything related to making a hoplon/aspis in this thread i would be grateful (aaaaany info i will search threw it). I have used the search function and have not found much.I will use again after posting this in the hopes of finding some answers. i remember saving a post several years ago where a guy make a hoplon from 1 sheet of plywood. Again have pity it is my birthday i work 2 jobs and little time to search. i know i know it's a sorry excuse. but some of you have all the links saved. i will search some more after posting i would like to try to make a hoplon/aspis. tanks
Gabriel Mello

Every warrior hopes a good death will find him.

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This link should get you going. Read first. There is a lot of info to absorb. (Matt also links to the appropriate RAT topics.)

Good luck and happy grinding!
Cheryl Boeckmann
There are also tutorials on youtube

good luck
Milady Athena,l
You beat me to the punch (A WHOLE lot of laughter). Matt is very good on such things. I am using his idea on making an Aspis to also make a very curved in all directions, oval late 2nd C. Scutum.
Great Catch, Milady!!!!!!
Peace be to You
Vitruvius...... aka Larry Mager
Larry A. Mager

I have experience making aspis.
I made one with similar construction method as roman scutum.

Wooden core has three layers of narrow slats, outer surface is covered with pitch, hemp and linen cloth and it's covered with stucco. Inside of bowl has thin deer skin.
Porpax has wooden core and covered with thin leather. And it's off center, so antilabe is at close to rim.
All other parts are made from bronze.

Shield handles very well and it's strong.

Weight 7 kg diameter ~90cm


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Mikko Sinkkonen

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