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Peter Connolly
His work is something that paints an inviting and interesting image of times long past. It is enjoyable to many, and I'm sure that for many of us, including Tita Iuventia Martia and me, it was of great help in the beginning of our hobby and maybe even at least partially responsible for it.

We will miss him even though we've never met him and the numbers of people who feel the same way show he was a man who left something valuable behind.

Our thoughts go to his family and close friends...
Martin Žďánský,
a.k.a. Appius Solanius Pertinax
Quote:Does anyone know when and where the funeral is to take place?
Tuesday May 15th, 1.30pm at Peterborough Crematorium.

Mike Bishop
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Another of the greats has left us. I never met him yet the world feels emptier knowing that he is gone.
Author: Bronze Age Military Equipment, Pen & Sword Books
Very sad news, indeed. For a very long time a translation of a short book for children by Peter Connolly was virtually the only book about Roman army available in Czech language (not counting a translation of Vegetius). Naturally Peter's book was the first and main source of inspiration for most Czech ancient warfare enthusiasts, who grew up with this treasure written and wonderfully illustrated by him. I spent many hours with this short publication. Later, when I began to acquire literature from abroad, Peter's much larger "Greece and Rome at War" was obviously one of the first English books I bought (barely able to read in English at all by that time).

So, I too must thank Peter for having been one of the sparks that ignited the flame of interest in Roman/ancient warfare/history/culture in me. I'm sure there are more such people in Czech Republic.

Thank you, Peter.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Sad news Sad Rest in Peace
Markus Aurelius Montanvs
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Roman Artifacts
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He was a big artist. His pictures have always inspired me.

Thanks Peter
Requiescat in pace.
Ergo bibamus!
Nikolai aka Manius Potator
He devoted his life to us understanding the ancient world better, may he rest in peace
Quintus Furius Collatinus

Very sad news, we will have his wonderfull books...

Requiescat in Pacem
Sad to hear that one of the great inspirations in the study of the Roman army is gone from us. My collecting of his various books goes well back into the 70's. I've never been too proud to acknowledge that I had his children's books, especially when illustrated by such a fine artist, who has done so much for the study and reconstruction of Roman military equipment and what the soldiers may have looked like.

RIP, Peter Connolly!
Quinton Johansen
Marcus Quintius Clavus, Optio Secundae Pili Prioris Legionis III Cyrenaicae
I only met him a few times and could hardly claim to have known him, but I first read 'The Roman Army' when I was twelve and it was probably this more than anything else which fired my interest in things Roman and laid a path out for me through secondary school, then university and beyond. Thus Peter Connolly has had a huge influence on my life. I already miss his continual additions to our understanding of the Romans and as time goes on I am sure I will continue to regret the loss of one who has given us so much.
I agree that he has left a remarkable legacy. I often use his books to introduce people to the ancient world and only the week before last, when a friend asked me to recommend some good interactive Roman websites for his children, I responded instead by sending him several books from Peter Connolly's cannon, feeling that they would serve him and his children far better than any website.
The last two years will not have been easy ones for his family, but this will undoubtedly still be a difficult and very sad time for them and I would wish them my most heartfelt commiserations.

Thanks Mike for posting this sad news up.

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It is so sad to hear of such a great loss and I have to say that I did have the great pleasure of meeting Peter a couple of times.
The first was on a very wet day at Housesteads Roman Fort when I worked there 25 years ago Peter was on the fort taking measurements of the main buildings, he was absoloutely soaked but went on to get the measurements for his up coming books on both Housesteads and Vindolanda Forts.
We did have a wonderfull discussion when we discovered that we were both making copies of the newly found Vindolanda Chamfron.
The next time we met was at the Romec lectures when they were held at South Shields and we all went on to have a very good day at Arbeia Fort.
I am sure that he will indeed be very sadly missed.
Brian Stobbs
So sad, but I will always admire the amazing amount of work and research he did for all of us.

His "Greece and Rome at War" was one of my first two Roman books and I poured over those amazing illustrations for hours. That book was usually the first I consulted for any question over the years. (the other book was a hobby book illustrated by the other great late McBride).
Andy Volpe - aka - Titus Vulpius Dominicus
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A genuine ability to truly link people to history …
He will always be appreciated and remembered. Thank you!
Stefano M.

ὁπλῖται δὲ ἀγαθοὶ καὶ ἀκροβολισταί (Strabo,IV, 6, 2)
A very brief obituary from the Lincolnshire Free Press:

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